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About Us

What we do…

Health Benefits Group is a leading and widely expanding insurance intermediary, agency and marketing innovator. Our focus is to connect agents and agencies with quality insurance products and support in order to ensure an outstanding experience for them and their clients.

How we do it…

HBG leverages its relationships in the insurance industry to create and contract with the highest quality products, at top level commissions. Our innovative marketing team utilizes diverse strategies to expand our relationships and maintain a strong presence in the agent community.

HBG has the motivation, drive, relationships and technology to champion a perfect environment for agent growth. It is our focus to facilitate an excellent agent experience that provides everything needed and more, from the beginning to the end. Whether you are an independent agent, an agency/brokerage or a distributor/wholesaler, we have the right solutions for you.

Why we do it…

With the ever-changing dynamics of the Affordable Care Act, the insurance industry has been turned upside-down. Coverage has changed and agent commissions have been significantly decreased with most of the major companies. The result is that many agents are uncertain about their future and some are even leaving the industry altogether.

Health Benefits Group has provided a hedge against the detriment of this new terrain by adapting to these changes in a way that allows agents to maintain the level of success that insurance industry has always provided them. We are highly passionate about creating and utilizing products and strategies that result in mutual growth between our business and yours.